Emerald Lake Tours

Private and group tours from Skagway Alaska to Carcross and on to Emerald Lake, Yukon Territory.

Our local Skagway tour guides will show you the best of the North. All of our Skagway tours are conducted by long-time year-round Skagway residents and Emerald Lake Tours is owned and operated by a Skagway local.

Our regular tour is 6-7 hours and is a 160 mile round-trip that includes the Skagway overlook, Pitchfork Falls, International Falls, the Tormented Valley, Lake Tutshi, Yukon, Bove Island, Yukon, the historic town of Carcross Yukon, and Emerald Lake, Yukon. The drive out of Skagway to Emerald Lake is touted as one of the most spectacular drives in the North. If you take one of our tours we are confident you will agree. Our tours include a stop at Michelle Phillips’ Iditarod dog mushing camp.

Open: Seasonal

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Skagway, AK

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